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Management Services

Mission Statement

ADR/Preferred Business Properties offers a wide array of services, depending on our client’s objectives and needs. Our three basic goals are to:

  • Increase Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Increase the Value of the Property
  • Protect the Value of the Property

We accomplish these goals through a strategy which utilizes both traditional and innovative tactics. Rent increases, operating expense reductions, energy audits, and the introduction of ancillary on-site revenue generators (such as package drop boxes, vending machines, advertising space, cellular towers, etc.), are a few of the ways we work to maximize profits for our clients.

Basic Services Provided:

Rent Collection:
Collection and banking of rents and other income from tenant’s, are posted to tenant records. Maintaining the status of each tenant and running delinquency reports, are included in the monthly status reports. With the addition of our new management software, AppFolio, residents have the option to conveniently pay their rent online 24/7 with a variety of payment options.

Bill Payment:
Payment of vendors, utilities, insurance, taxes and mortgages and provide a monthly check register.

Retain, supervise and evaluate vendors (vs. on-site employees), equipment, supplies and services to keep the property operating in a manner that is safe and keeps tenants satisfied within the terms of their lease. With Appfolio, tenants have the ability to ask for repairs to be made eliminating lag time and affording management to get the most cost effective bids.

Financial Reports:
Provide an annual budget and monthly statements such as profit and loss, including rent roll and check register/bank reconciliations. We prepare comprehensive income statements every month which compare budgeted versus actual profits and losses. Our detailed line by line budgets, which include every conceivable category of income and expense, make it possible to quickly analyze and continually monitor the financial standing of each property.

Tenant Relations:
24-hour service to provide for tenant needs, questions, concerns and after hours emergencies.

Rental Analysis:
Provide timely updates and recommendations for rental increase and lease negotiations.

Supervision of Employees:
Hiring and firing, supervision and payment of employees assigned to the property.

Legislative Impacts:
Consistently monitor legislation and impact on real estate ownership.

Ancillary Revenue Generators:
Maximize profit potential by establishing ancillary revenue streams with package drop boxes, vending machines, advertising space, cellular towers, etc.

Detection and Abatement of Mold, Asbestos and Other Hazardous Materials:
Working with outside vendors such as Leymaster Environmental, we coordinate and supervise the detection and removal of hazardous materials such as mold and asbestos from apartments, condominiums, office and industrial buildings, and retail centers.

Energy Audits:
Partnering with SolarEnvi, we offer a comprehensive review to ensure your structure is efficient, durable, and healthy. Conducting an energy audit can lead to significant cost savings by detecting leaks, inefficiencies, and moisture problems using specialized equipment such as blower doors and duct blowers, with computerized analysis of the findings. We check:

  • Building shell efficiency – leakage at walls, attic and joints, condition of windows and doors, insulation
  • Duct leakage (a major source of energy waste)
  • Appliance efficiency and safety (impacting energy use and indoor air quality)
  • Moisture problems (impacting durability of the building and health of occupants)
  • Energy usage
  • Ventilation adequacy